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Life story
August 10, 1946
Born in on August 10, 1946.
April 1, 1969
the story started the day i was memories began at about the age 5.we werent a rich family by no means but we did have it pretty use to sit and play jacks with me and my friends and also play card with us.sometimes she simply amazed me because all that knew me knew my mom couldnt read but she could always play a good game of almost any sort.she stayed home and raised us kids the best she knew how.she was super at what she did although i was her hell child growing up and she didnt always know the things i did.then came my little brother who also gave my mom a little hell but she made it through it all even when she was left to raise him all on her own.its been a little over a year since she passed and to this day it breaks my heart that shes gone.i miss her everyday of my gives me a little comfort to know shes up there watching her littlest of grandbabies grow and to that i just wish she coulda stayed a little longer.momma you neva knew how much i really did care you are my hero now and forever and i miss you sooo very much.
April 25, 2008
Passed away on April 25, 2008.
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